Multi layer Dual-bubble polyolefin shrink film lines

Our POF extrusion lines are built for the production of bi-axially oriented multi-layer film. The melt is extruded through a circular die, water-cooled and terminates the primary stage as a thick tubular film which is subsequently taken to the infra-red heating section .

Bi-axial orientation is obtained in both directions simultaneously by inflation and differential speed ratio between the nip rollers before and after the ovens. The secondary bubble is cooled by air, laid flat and conveyed into the rotating rewinding unit with two stations placed back to back.


There is a wide variety of applications : food, beverage, medicine, toys, books, magazines, multi-packs and other shelf products where attractive display is of primary importance. Thanks to its barrier, Antifog and stretch-shrink properties, POF film is ideal for the protection and showcasing of fresh and frozen food products: poultry, cheese, fruits & vegetables, fish etc .

Multi layer Dual-bubble polyolefin shrink film lines

MODEL   RL-3-2100 RL-5-2100 RL-5-2600 RL-5-3000 RL-5-3700
LAYERS 3 5 5 5 5
Max width lay-flat (mm) mm 1900 1900 2400 2700 3400
Film thickness µ 12-15-19-25 12-15-19-25 12-15-19-25 12-15-19-25 12-15-19-25
Max output Kg/h 230 250 300 400 500
Screw diameter mm 60/80/60 60/60/60/60/60 60/60/80/60/60 60/60/80/60/60 60/80/80/80/60
Screw ratio L/D 30:1
Max screw speed (Rpm) Rpm 90
Max winding speed mt/1' 100
Max number of rolls 4+4
Automatic winding stations 2
Installed capacity power (approx) Kw 460 480 620 680 750
Average consumption (approx) Kw 270 290 370 410 450
Dimensions LxWxH (approx) mt 12x7x15 12x7x15 15x8x17 17x10x18 18x11x20
Gravimetric unit for extruders N° raw materials 3/4/3 3/3/4/3/3 3/3/4/3/3 3/3/4/3/3 3/3/4/3/3
Automatic conveying system LOSS IN WEIGHT
Process supervision INDUSTRY 4.0
Thickness control AUTOMATIC
Indipendent centre Folding Machine SINGLE OR DOUBLE