POF Auxiliary equipment

The production of PVC film, whether it is for shrink or cling , requires some other equipment in addition to the basic extrusion line. Companies who already process PVC are well acquainted with the procedures involved, but customers who are newcomers in this field may not have the knowledge regarding all the ancillary machinery needed to establish a turnkey production unit. On request, RL PLASTPROJECT can indicate the type of equipment necessary to prepare the compounds, reclaim collateral waste, and for post-extrusion processing such as centre-folding and slitting and rewinding by naming suitable options based on pratical experience, but without giving preference to any machine supplier in particular. RL PLASTPROJECT will help customers create direct contact with accessory equipment suppliers and can also include such machinery in production simulation during the testing of its own PVC extrusion line, leaving all negotiations and decision making to the discretion of the end user.

Centre folder for PP and Polyolefin shink film

RL PLASTPROJECT builds PVC shrink film plants on which multiple reels of centre folded film are obtained directly on the rewinding stations. Customers who do not have this facility have to use an independent centre folder after the extrusion phase. In the case of polyolefin shrink film, reels of centre folded film are rarely produced directly on the extrusion plant, so that a reel to reel A-frame is a complementary piece of equipment needed to obtain the final product. RL PLASTPROJECT builds a suitable centre folder which works excellently with varius films such as PVC, POF, CPP and BOPP. It is available in widths up to 1800 mm and has two winding stations with swivel expansion shafts to simplify reel changing. The machine can reach a production speed of 400 m/minute, depending on the characteristics and the quality of the film processed. A version capable of rewinding simultaneously two reels from an edge trimmed tubular parent reel can also be supplied.