Blown film extrusion lines

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PVC cling film

PVC cling film revolutionized food packaging because of its capability to preserve the freshness of meat, dairy products, vegetables and other foodstuffs.

PVC shrink film

Their excellent mechanical strength and tear resistance not only offer good protection, but also make tight wrapping over virtually all types of shapes possible.

PVC shrink film line
for labels

Shrink labels have numerous advantages that justify their fast growing applications in almost all packaging areas.

PVC rigid film

Rigid and semi-rigid PVC film is easily printed, metallized or colored to obtain decorative and holographic films.

PVC Auxiliary

The semi-automatic trimming machine has been developed for trimming the sides of PVC Cling film rolls.

POF Auxiliary

RL PLASTPROJECT can indicate the type of equipment necessary to prepare the compounds, reclaim collateral waste.

POF Multi layer Dual-bubble
polyolefin shrink film lines

Our POF extrusion lines are built for the production of bi-axially oriented multi-layer film.

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