Blown extrusion line for the production of
Rigid and Semi-rigid PVC film

Blown rigid and semi-rigid PVC film is produced with a remarkably wide range of characteristics and qualities both for packaging and non-packaging purposes, mainly in thicknesses between 15-80 microns. The basic film is brilliant, highly transparent, with high slip and excellent mechanical properties, features which enhance product presentation and make it easy to use the film on fast automatic processing machines.


Rigid and semi-rigid PVC film is easily printed, metallized or colored to obtain decorative and holographic films. It is also used for windows on boxes, lamination with paper, overwrapping of boxes and technical overwrapping generally. One of the main applications continues to be twist wrapping of sweets because PVC rigid film has unique cold twist qualities and maintains its twist in time despite subsequent stress due to packaging and transport.

PVC Rigid and Semi-rigid film lines

MODEL TR100 - 1400 TR120 - 1800
Single screw extruder L/D 25 L/D 25
Screw diameter mm 100 120
Maximum output *Kg/h 120 160
Film thickness µ 15 - 80 15 - 80
Maximum Film width mm 1200 1600
Multiple Roll 4 + 4 4 + 4
Maximum diameter on Winder mm 800 800
Airshaft diameter mm 74 (3") 74 (3")
Average consumption (approx) Kw 105 115
Winder Automatic double Winding Station
Control Panel PLC SIEMENS
Process supervision Line Engineered to the process in Industry 4.0
* Production capacity depends on raw materials, widths and thickness.

PVC rigid film remains a preferred solution for twist wrapping today and in the future